a waste supplier?

We accept
and recycle
organic waste

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a purchaser?

We produce and sell compost
and nutrient soil
to improve the quality of the harvest

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For the first time in Russia

an advanced recycling method using in
20 countries of the world was introduced

We take care of everything: loading, transportation, recycling and documents provision

We create an ideal

organic fertilizer without synthetic additives

We build

and long-term relationships with our partners

Our certificates

GruntECO (Grunt Eco LLC) is a transparent company.
We pay taxes and work in accordance with
the law.

Cooperating with us, you should not worry —
all the documents are in order. There is no need to pay
an environmental fee for disposal:
we provide documentation, photos and videos of the process.

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Our online shop

Need a good harvest?
We have a balanced soil and
high-quality compost. You can purchase
our products at the nearest partner store
or order home delivery

GruntECO will ensure the fertility of your ground!

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Tel.: +7 (905) 702-45-85 E-mail:

Office: Moscow region, Ramenskoye, Chulkovo village, 40330, building 46/37

Complex: Moscow region, Ramenskoye, Chulkovo village, 40330, building 46/37